Preprint di Garen Wintemute et al.,

Dodge City, 1868 – fonte History Net


  • Two-thirds of respondents (67.2%, 95% CI 66.1%, 68.4%) perceived ″a serious threat to our democracy,″ but more than 40% agreed that ″having a strong leader for America is more important than having a democracy″ and that ″in America, native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants.″ Half (50.1%) agreed that ″in the next few years, there will be civil war in the United States.″ Among 6,768 respondents who considered violence to be at least sometimes justified to achieve 1 or more specific political objectives, 12.2% were willing to commit political violence themselves ″to threaten or intimidate a person,″ 10.4% ″to injure a person,″ and 7.1% ″to kill a person.″ Among all respondents, 18.5% thought it at least somewhat likely that within the next few years, in a situation where they believed political violence was justified, ″I will be armed with a gun″, and 4.0% thought it at least somewhat likely that ″I will shoot someone with a gun.″

Paper con le domande/risposte disaggregate in fondo; recensione di Rodrigo Pérez Ortega su Science; cf. anche Pierre Atlas, “American gun culture is based on frontier mythology – but ignores how common gun restrictions were in the Old West“, The Conversation, 29 giugno 2022.

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